About Norm Code

We believe that some norms exist for too long to be still valid in the present world. Through codes, we define the consequences resulting from them and as a gesture of problematizing the given norm, we embed these codes visibly on our clothing. 

We want to interrupt the common tradition of buying new clothes and stress the importance of already existing ones. Therefore our selection of clothing consists of worn pieces only.

Through codes we put on every piece we call for the need to change the established norm – how we dress and what we wear. 

Because the fashion industry is the world’s 2nd largest polluter. Because 60% of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made. Because, 95% of used clothing and textiles can be reused or recycled, but only 15% of them are.

Founded in Prague in 2021 as an act of people who merged the urge to speak up and love for fashion into one.

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